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Avani Shepherd is a fifteen year old pop artist based in Austin, Texas. Avani has been singing since age eight, but it wasn’t until age twelve that she began showing interest in recording songs, which would eventually be compiled into an album. Avani’s first recorded song ‘Conflicted’, written by Mark Shepherd, was recorded at age thirteen and, following the completion and mastering of the song, her first music video was shot in local Austin locations and green screen studios, and finally, posted on YouTube. Following the success of her debut single, Avani was eager to continue along the path she had started to record a complete album. Avani would later go on to record ‘Pretty Little Things’, ‘Not What I Said’, ‘I Wonder’, and her latest single ‘Fairy Tale’. Encouraged by the efforts of Mark Shepherd, Avani’s father, the musician credited with the production of all of her songs, and her mother Swapna Shepherd, the artist and graphic designer responsible for cover art, animations and CGI featured in her music videos, Avani intends to continue recording songs, acting in music videos and sharing with her growing fan base. Avani’s songs are now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, CD Baby, and Tidal. To see what Avani comes out with next, subscribe to her YouTube channel. Follow Avani on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for a special look into Avani’s life and see what she’s got planned for the future.


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